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New Feature

time accuracy

give some information regarding the accuracy of the times. Generally, they underestimate the times, but I have missed the bus once when I cut it close. Sometimes it says arriving when its not yet in sight.

Also, when buses change numbers it can get a little confusing perhaps. Not sure about this.

Bug Fixes

Stop Number Question

Just a question....why is it that Metro's bus time stop number is not the same as the number they post on bus shelters and their associated schedules. I find this to be quite odd. It would be nice to have the same number to reference whether I'm calling metro or OBA...Sometimes I have to call both to help me interactively plan a trip as I'm approching a stop in the middle of a trip.

Bug Fixes

Variability on Arrival Time - Bus 74

Thank you for developing this amazing tool! My feedbacks is in regard the arrival time of bus 74 to Stop # 10080 - W bound (55th/Ravenna). It changes a lot from one minute to the other. Today's example: -next arrival at 8:21pm: 8 min -next arrival at 8:22pm: 3 min -next arrival at 8:23pm: 9 min I don't know if this estimation are part of your algorithm or comes from King County but this feedback may be helpful. Thanks!... more »

Feature Enhancement

"Smart" bookmarks

A common use case is that I take the same bus at the same time everyday. It would be great to be able to define a time period where a certain bookmark becomes the default stop selected when I open the application. So when I open the app on my walk to the bus stop in the morning, it already knows what route I'm looking for information on and takes me directly to that stop instead of the bookmarks screen.