New Feature

Toggle between stops at transit centers

It would be nice to be able to slide the screen to either side and see other stops in the particular transit center or Park and Ride. It is not practical to save all the stops as favorites, then you would need favorite favorites... and getting to the stop next to you involves going to map, zooming in and trying to click on the near by stops, which takes quite a lot of time and is quite cumbersome. It should be very ...more »


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Bug Fixes

Missing bus

Scheduled bus should show arrival time, but no time shows as if no bus was coming for that time slot. Then right before it shows up it appears on the list. Or sometimes after it already left. Usually happens in early morning.


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Transit Data

fix the TRANSFER problem with O.R.C.A. card, when cash fare paid

When the E-purse on someone's "O.R.C.A." card [provided by VIX TECHNOLOGY] is zero, or less than the regular fare they normally use, *_IF_* they use cash-to-pay-the-fare, the card __WILL-NOT_ register and provide the 2-hour transfer, which the card is advertised as supposed-to-be-providing. The fareboxes on PIERCE TRANSIT & KING CO METRO cannot direct the O.R.C.A. readers to accomplish this. "Cheryl Huston" is the Regional ...more »


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