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Variability on Arrival Time - Bus 74

Thank you for developing this amazing tool! My feedbacks is in regard the arrival time of bus 74 to Stop # 10080 - W bound (55th/Ravenna). It changes a lot from one minute to the other. Today's example: -next arrival at 8:21pm: 8 min -next arrival at 8:22pm: 3 min -next arrival at 8:23pm: 9 min I don't know if this estimation are part of your algorithm or comes from King County but this feedback may be helpful. Thanks! ...more »


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All Interfaces

Agency alerting to delay in service

I think it would be awesome if agencies had a way to let us know through this app, a notification, or some other method that a bus is going to be delayed or not running during a particular trip due to unplanned circumstances (bus broke down, bus was in an accident, etc.). We don't need to know what specifically happened, but it would help us better plan for finding alternative ways to get to where we are going, especially ...more »


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Alert Times longer than 30 minutes

Alerts can currently only be scheduled for up to 30 minutes before a bus arrives. It takes up to 45 minutes to drive to my Park&Ride in rush hour traffic, so by the time my alert for that bus goes off I already missed it. Also, having to select the time in integers is a mistake. The option should be a number wheel with any arbitrary number of minutes on it, up to at least an hour.


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Transit Data

Route Check-in

Provide a feature for a user to check-in on a bus route, which allows the app to use the phone's GPS to provide more accurate and timely route information for buses. If there was away for check-in/check-out to be done automatically that would be even better!


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