New Feature

View multiple stops

Ability to merge two stops together in a bookmark. For example: 5th Ave & Jackson AND IDS Bay D: I wait for either a 550, 216, 554, or 211 to Mercer Island and have to jump between two bookmarks to get arrival times. If I could filter the results, that would be even cooler!


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New Feature

Toggle between stops at transit centers

It would be nice to be able to slide the screen to either side and see other stops in the particular transit center or Park and Ride. It is not practical to save all the stops as favorites, then you would need favorite favorites... and getting to the stop next to you involves going to map, zooming in and trying to click on the near by stops, which takes quite a lot of time and is quite cumbersome. It should be very ...more »


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All Interfaces

"Stops Near By"

This was a previous function that was very nicely usable when planning a trip. It would be great if it could come back!

I was in every stop window if you scrolled down, it made it very easy to flow to your next stop and see a connecting bus time!



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Feature Enhancement

Start with My Stops (starred) instead of map page (Android)

On the Android App, OneBusAway always starts up with the map page, which I almost never use since I have all my stops saved. While the map is loading, the Menu button is unresponsive (on my slow HTC Hero), so it takes a while to get to the My Stops page.


If he user has a curated My Stops page, it's a good bet that this is the page they use most frequently. Seems like it would be a better default startup page.


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