Starred Buses view for Android

In Windows Phone version there was a very handy, Starred Buses view where I could quickly see all my starred buses (with saved stop) and their ETAs. Currently I have to go to Starred Stops view and tap one, check the buses, go nack, tap the next one, check the buses, go back, etc. It'd be nice to have all the buses ive starred on one view. Then have a setting to make that view my default view instead of the Nearby view ...more »


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Feature Enhancement

Start with My Stops (starred) instead of map page (Android)

On the Android App, OneBusAway always starts up with the map page, which I almost never use since I have all my stops saved. While the map is loading, the Menu button is unresponsive (on my slow HTC Hero), so it takes a while to get to the My Stops page.


If he user has a curated My Stops page, it's a good bet that this is the page they use most frequently. Seems like it would be a better default startup page.


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