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Quick route find based on destination

Just like with GPS, you enter destination and go. This feature is missing in OneBusAway. I am a daily user of one bus away, always trying to find alternate routes to avoid waiting for a long time. Also, newbees don't know their routes, only know where they want to go. Just like stops, destinations could be saved in a list and by chosing a destination, trip options are offered based on arrival time. The classic trip finder ...more »


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Feature Enhancement

Suggest Alternate Route

Love this app.

Are you planning for GoogleGlass?

Would love to see this integrated with Google Maps to offer more trip planning options: do I want to take car, bus, or train to get somewhere. Or, if I missed my bus, please suggest another route that gets me in the vicinity (eg. "try the 11 bus; it follows the route of the 1 until Union Ave").



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