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It would be nice to pull up One bus away and select Orca App (if separate app needed), that would let you pay your fare by mobile device. Similar to what Starbucks app does. Allows you to add money to account, check balance, pay by phone and show alerts at current location. Location alerts


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Transit Data

fix the TRANSFER problem with O.R.C.A. card, when cash fare paid

When the E-purse on someone's "O.R.C.A." card [provided by VIX TECHNOLOGY] is zero, or less than the regular fare they normally use, *_IF_* they use cash-to-pay-the-fare, the card __WILL-NOT_ register and provide the 2-hour transfer, which the card is advertised as supposed-to-be-providing. The fareboxes on PIERCE TRANSIT & KING CO METRO cannot direct the O.R.C.A. readers to accomplish this. "Cheryl Huston" is the Regional ...more »


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