Feature Enhancement

Suggest Alternate Route

Love this app.

Are you planning for GoogleGlass?

Would love to see this integrated with Google Maps to offer more trip planning options: do I want to take car, bus, or train to get somewhere. Or, if I missed my bus, please suggest another route that gets me in the vicinity (eg. "try the 11 bus; it follows the route of the 1 until Union Ave").



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New Feature


Awesome app! But you should be able to use hybrid view on the map and be able to search an address on the map for future planning. Also, instead of touching the bus stop and it saying nothing in the next half hour, it should be able to tell you the next available bus.


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All Interfaces


Allow the choice of backgorund maps to include OpenStreetMap and possibly Bing Maps as well. This would work well on in the iPhone/Android appications. OpenStreetMaps in particular allows users to add in the Public Transport information which can be shown as a layer (see the Offmaps2 application as an example). The use of OpenStreetMaps in particular would make the OneBusAway experience a truley open source one.


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