New Feature

View multiple stops

Ability to merge two stops together in a bookmark. For example: 5th Ave & Jackson AND IDS Bay D: I wait for either a 550, 216, 554, or 211 to Mercer Island and have to jump between two bookmarks to get arrival times. If I could filter the results, that would be even cooler!


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Feature Enhancement

"Smart" bookmarks

A common use case is that I take the same bus at the same time everyday. It would be great to be able to define a time period where a certain bookmark becomes the default stop selected when I open the application. So when I open the app on my walk to the bus stop in the morning, it already knows what route I'm looking for information on and takes me directly to that stop instead of the bookmarks screen.


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Bug Fixes

A few initial thoughts.

This is a great tool, but a couple of initial reactions on the UI (with the proviso that I am a new user and may well be missing some subtleties). 1. Don't you think it would make sense to put a link to log-in to one's user account on pretty much every page? It's less than intuitive where one does that. 2. The same goes for bookmarks. The settings page is a less than intuitive place for this. Shouldn't I be able to ...more »


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