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Variability on Arrival Time - Bus 74

Thank you for developing this amazing tool! My feedbacks is in regard the arrival time of bus 74 to Stop # 10080 - W bound (55th/Ravenna). It changes a lot from one minute to the other. Today's example: -next arrival at 8:21pm: 8 min -next arrival at 8:22pm: 3 min -next arrival at 8:23pm: 9 min I don't know if this estimation are part of your algorithm or comes from King County but this feedback may be helpful. Thanks! ...more »


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ghost bus!

I was waiting for the 550 at bay 9 of the bellevue transit center and one bus away said a bus is arriving, but it never showed up. The 550 came a few minutes after the ghost bus disappeared from the arrivals screen and 5 min before the next bus was predicted to show up.


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