Transit Data

Issues with the underlying schedules, real-time arrival info, and other public transit data.

Transit Data

Holiday schedule

Just FYI, It's a holiday today and there are limited runs on a lot of buses. Example, 56ex is not running at all today but yet it is on your schedule and show it in real time - arriving now etc... That is confusing if this system is suppose to be 'real time'.



Transit Data

What happened to real time data????

Since the beginning of December the majority of routes no longer have real time data. Instead they all say "scheduled arrival." Which is totally worthless because I can see that on the bus sign. What this app USED to provide was real time data so I knew when my bus was going to be late. I contacted the app's developers and was told it was an issue with Sound Transit as they are the ones that provide real time data on... more »

Transit Data

Time Options

I could really use a function that allows you to select a destination and arrival time.


this would allow me to select the best route to take & find out in advance when I have to leave to get there on time.


This would help me determine what time I need to be ready, when to leave my house, and when to set my alarm! So helpful!

Transit Data

Inaccurate bus route destination information.

It would be nice if the route destination labels for busses that fall into an express format of another route could not include any stops that the express skips. It seems misleading when a bus is listed as heading somewhere when that version of the route doesn't actually go to that location. My personal, specific example is the Sound Transit 513 (northbound express in the evenings). It shares the same destination description... more »

Transit Data

"Follow" or "Add" bus stops?

It would be nice if we could "follow" or "add" bus stops on OneBusAway, and then we could get notifications about our buses. For example, a notification could pop up on your phone, saying something like "Your bus is on time today" or "Your bus is "x" minutes late/early today". It would be great if we could get notifications like that without having to check the bus app for that information ourselves.