The OneBusAway Android App


Live schedule for entire route on Android.

The iPhone app allows users to select a particular trip on a route and see a list of estimated times for all stops along that route. This is an extremely useful feature when transferring. If I am waiting for a bus at stop A and need to transfer to another bus at stop B I can then see both when my bus will arrive where I am and where I am going in one screen.


Fix for auto center on GPS location.

The android app automatically finds your location using the phones GPS. This is helpful. However, if you navigate to a different stop away from your location and look at the schedule for that stop, the map automatically then finds your GPS location again. This is really annoying. When I am looking at stops that are not at my present location, it is typically because I am planning a transfer. Often I will look at the schedule... more »



Starred Buses view for Android

In Windows Phone version there was a very handy, Starred Buses view where I could quickly see all my starred buses (with saved stop) and their ETAs. Currently I have to go to Starred Stops view and tap one, check the buses, go nack, tap the next one, check the buses, go back, etc. It'd be nice to have all the buses ive starred on one view. Then have a setting to make that view my default view instead of the Nearby view... more »



Better alerts

I think there should be a second option when you set an alarm for a bus such that instead of being like a text message, the sound and vibration is more like an actual alarm where it doesn't stop until you dismiss it. The notification style does interrupt currently playing audio very well and is easy to miss.


Enable hiding out minimizing service alerts

Service Alerts, marked by yellow triangles containing exclamation points, currently clutter the entire page and there seems be no way to minimize, hide or dismiss them. They typically prevent viewing any predicted arrivals apart from those that appear above the stop name if the setting to show them is selected. Tapping these alerts shows no information, only a blank white screen bearing the legend "service alert". I am... more »



Option to auto deselect recent stops if you're not nearby

I ride the bus to and from work every day. So naturally, I will use the app to know when the bus is coming so I know when to leave for the bus stop. Problem is, especially in the morning, the app is still focused on the last stop I used, meaning the stop in front of my work if it's in the morning. If I don't remember to change it, I'm going off bad information. What I would like, therefore, is an option that won't... more »



Morning/evening preselections

99% of the time I'm at bus stop X in the morning and bus stop Y in the evening. It would be nice to have the stop selected and ready to go when I open the app. If it's the morning when I open the app, it's ready to go with the list of departures at the park and ride. I don't have to wait for the phone GPS to figure out where I am. I don't have to zoom in so that I can pick one of several departure bays. I get my list... more »



Reroutes for parades and marches, etc...

I've often found myself missing busses during Seattle's many marches and 5ks because of tiny signs posted on the physical bus schedules. If there was a way to coordinate with the Seattle metro that would allow for the app (which I love and always use) to update the bus schedule to let us know if the bus line in question has moved to a different location. Thanks again.



Filter routes by direction

You can currently filter by route number, but not by direction/destination. For example, the Community Transit 105 and 106 buses stop at stop number 2134 (Puget Sound, Canyon Park P-R, bay 2) when headed South to Bothell, or North to Mariner P-R. If I'm only interested in buses going north, I'd like to filter out destinations/directions that I'm not interested in.


Limited functionally on Android

This is mainly feedback regarding the Android version of OneBusAway. It currently does not appear to show buses arriving at or departing from stop more than a few minutes away. Furthermore it does not allow me to view information pertaining to specific buses. (On the ipod version of OneBusAway I was able to view information for when a particular bus was estimated to arrive at various stops.)


ghost bus!

I was waiting for the 550 at bay 9 of the bellevue transit center and one bus away said a bus is arriving, but it never showed up. The 550 came a few minutes after the ghost bus disappeared from the arrivals screen and 5 min before the next bus was predicted to show up.