Starred Buses view for Android

In Windows Phone version there was a very handy, Starred Buses view where I could quickly see all my starred buses (with saved stop) and their ETAs. Currently I have to go to Starred Stops view and tap one, check the buses, go nack, tap the next one, check the buses, go back, etc. It'd be nice to have all the buses ive starred on one view. Then have a setting to make that view my default view instead of the Nearby view... more »



Better alerts

I think there should be a second option when you set an alarm for a bus such that instead of being like a text message, the sound and vibration is more like an actual alarm where it doesn't stop until you dismiss it. The notification style does interrupt currently playing audio very well and is easy to miss.



Reroutes for parades and marches, etc...

I've often found myself missing busses during Seattle's many marches and 5ks because of tiny signs posted on the physical bus schedules. If there was a way to coordinate with the Seattle metro that would allow for the app (which I love and always use) to update the bus schedule to let us know if the bus line in question has moved to a different location. Thanks again.

Transit Data

Route Check-in

Provide a feature for a user to check-in on a bus route, which allows the app to use the phone's GPS to provide more accurate and timely route information for buses. If there was away for check-in/check-out to be done automatically that would be even better!


New Feature

Rider Updates

I just spent a half an hour trying to catch the A Line in Tukwila because they moved the bus stop for whatever reason when i could have stayed on the train. If the One Bus Away app actually told me that 'hey this bus stop is affected by maintenance issuses. Be advised. ' Then i could've saved time. By the app not telling riders that their bus route is affected it fucks it all up. No one actually uses the website to see... more »

All Interfaces

Add non-ORCA affiliated transit system schedules to OneBusAway

I'm guessing there are many regions besides the Puget Sound region which are served by the OneBusAway platform which has linking non-participating transit systems of which presently are not included in OBA's database. Although I principally use Community Transit, I sometimes use Island County's Island Transit System, as I live near Stanwood which is linked with Island Transit. Island Transit, along with other not... more »


All Interfaces

Agency alerting to delay in service

I think it would be awesome if agencies had a way to let us know through this app, a notification, or some other method that a bus is going to be delayed or not running during a particular trip due to unplanned circumstances (bus broke down, bus was in an accident, etc.). We don't need to know what specifically happened, but it would help us better plan for finding alternative ways to get to where we are going, especially... more »


Feature Enhancement

Money on plan a trip

For the plan a trip, you should put how much each fare would cost for a single ride or an all day pass for 7th multiple transit companies within the area


Thank you for your consideration it would be a great addition and in my opinion to 7th public using it


Thank you in advance


Logan peaden