Feature Enhancement

Bus destination

Allow, by tapping twice, for the green bar at the top to show the destination for the next bus. D6, for instance, runs two buses at a time, one to Sibley Hospital, the other to Dupont Circle. When these buses are next to arrive, the destination is partially obscured. It makes a big difference, as these buses leap frog. If you miss the one to Sign let, it requires waiting until Dupont Circle buses has come &gone.... more »

New Feature


Is there a way u can make this feature to be used with phone with out data or wifi like some GPS on the phone cause I downloaded a GPS and it works with out internet or wifi. Could be very useful at least for me anyway


New Feature

App needs to specify last stop

I just waited 45 minutes for two buses to drive past me because it was after 10:35 pm. The app told me the buses were arriving but not that I was going to be stuck all night. If the app made it clear the bus would arrive but not depart somehow I would not have wasted my time and risked being in a dark and scary place all alone at night.

All Interfaces

Do ourselves a favor!!

I've been an unhappy subscriber to this application for several years now. New features are necessarily needed, just some actual validity to the features that are supposedly standard w/ this application. If I really have a lavish flat somewhere in the south of France; guess what, I don't tell people I DO! This cocksucking app. updated in "Real Time" maybe the first 18 months but since then, its done nothing more than... more »



Filter routes by direction

You can currently filter by route number, but not by direction/destination. For example, the Community Transit 105 and 106 buses stop at stop number 2134 (Puget Sound, Canyon Park P-R, bay 2) when headed South to Bothell, or North to Mariner P-R. If I'm only interested in buses going north, I'd like to filter out destinations/directions that I'm not interested in.



Alert Times longer than 30 minutes

Alerts can currently only be scheduled for up to 30 minutes before a bus arrives. It takes up to 45 minutes to drive to my Park&Ride in rush hour traffic, so by the time my alert for that bus goes off I already missed it. Also, having to select the time in integers is a mistake. The option should be a number wheel with any arbitrary number of minutes on it, up to at least an hour.


New Feature

Driver indentify

Very similar to the system that Uber uses, simply create a profile for the driver on duty and be able to track when they are on each route. This would also enable people to leave comments or criticism after each ride. Simple rate your experience after each trip


Feature Enhancement

Add "Favorite Places" to the Plan a Trip Feature

It would be nice to add your personal frequent destinations (such as Home, Work, School, John's House, etc) for easy access in the Trip Planner feature. Typing in the full address can get tedious, it would be more user friendly if you could assign a location a specific name and only search said name.


New Feature

Kudos / feedback

I'd love to have a low-friction way to give the bus drivers kudos when they have a smooth ride, or when they are especially kind with a difficult passenger, or show care for cyclists and other road users in a way that their managers can also see. (Maybe also complaints, but aim for positive reinforcement.)