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This app lists bus detours - which can be very helpful if you're waiting at a bus stop temporarily out-of-service, but with no notice to that effect posted 

I don't need detour notices for most rides.  Yet, on my route (30 series buses) there can be as  many as 12-17 detours each time, with each one hiding the next arrivals.

Why not fold them into one menu that you can either hide, or open fully up - at your choice? ... more »

Feature Enhancement

Bus destination

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Allow, by tapping twice, for the green bar at the top to show the destination for the next bus. D6, for instance, runs two buses at a time, one to Sibley Hospital, the other to Dupont Circle. When these buses are next to arrive, the destination is partially obscured. It makes a big difference, as these buses leap frog. If you miss the one to Sign let, it requires waiting until Dupont Circle buses has come &gone.... more »

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Do ourselves a favor!!

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I've been an unhappy subscriber to this application for several years now. New features are necessarily needed, just some actual validity to the features that are supposedly standard w/ this application. If I really have a lavish flat somewhere in the south of France; guess what, I don't tell people I DO! This cocksucking app. updated in "Real Time" maybe the first 18 months but since then, its done nothing more than... more »


Filter routes by direction

You can currently filter by route number, but not by direction/destination. For example, the Community Transit 105 and 106 buses stop at stop number 2134 (Puget Sound, Canyon Park P-R, bay 2) when headed South to Bothell, or North to Mariner P-R. If I'm only interested in buses going north, I'd like to filter out destinations/directions that I'm not interested in.