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Track 1 or more Saved or Favorite bus routes in real time on map

The ability to track a single bus on the GPS locator map, there are too many busses that run at one time for the map to be usable. If it had a "only show favorites" or "saved" or a "single route" would be a vast improvement in tracking the bus or buses you specifically need.

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Windows Phone 7

Phone Reboot on WP7; Feature request

I love your app, it's VERY handy and well-done. However, two issues that could make it better: 1. A couple of times it's just been sitting there with OneBusAway running and the phone (Samsung Focus) has just rebooted. This last time it happened, I was looking at Sound Transit route 550 if that helps narrow down the defect. I test mobile apps for Amazon, so I pay attention to stuff like that. :) 2. A feature request is ...more »

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