Notification center widget

Display minutes until next arrival of bookmarked bus stops in the form of a notification center widget. That way, the swipe down menu will be another easy to access way to know when the bus arrives.

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"Follow" or "Add" bus stops?

It would be nice if we could "follow" or "add" bus stops on OneBusAway, and then we could get notifications about our buses. For example, a notification could pop up on your phone, saying something like "Your bus is on time today" or "Your bus is "x" minutes late/early today". It would be great if we could get notifications like that without having to check the bus app for that information ourselves.

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Change Notification Sound

Is there a way, or could you add one, to change the notification sound?

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Agency alerting to delay in service

I think it would be awesome if agencies had a way to let us know through this app, a notification, or some other method that a bus is going to be delayed or not running during a particular trip due to unplanned circumstances (bus broke down, bus was in an accident, etc.). We don't need to know what specifically happened, but it would help us better plan for finding alternative ways to get to where we are going, especially ...more »

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