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Campaign: New Feature

Offline/No Service Cache for Tunnel Riders

Caching of the stop schedule would be helpful. As I approach the DSTT I check the University St Station Bay A (#565) arrival times. Once I enter the DSTT I have no way of checking that listing again due to lack of signal in the DSTT. If this list could be cached so it can be checked without service it would be helpful so that I know the order of buses/trains arriving in the tunnel. My express (MT 316) is infrequent ...more »

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Campaign: Bug Fixes

Take snow routes, detour, alerts into account when giving info

Take snow routes and when the busses are running them into account. Right now (Monday, 11/22) many routes, such as the #70, are running on snow routes; however, OneBusAway doesn't show that when you look at a stop which is not being served (such as any stop on 15th Ave. NE for this route).

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Campaign: iPhone

This is a great app!

I love this app. Had it on my iPhone 3G but never really worked for me. Just went through some app I planned on deleting and it happen to work. Love the app I use it everyday when going to school. Beats carrying those bus scheduler books around. Plus let's you know exactly when the bus is coming and what bus you missed. I just there was a "Favorite" button so I can save my route. Great app!

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Campaign: iPhone

Show a bookmarked stop in the map

If it's not already possible, it would be nice to be able to go from your bookmarks, to a specific stop, and then one button to get from that stop's info page to the map page showing that stop rather than centered on your actual current location, so you can quickly scroll around and find other nearby stops.

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